Summit of Table Mountain

Jacqueline Brustkern, a junior at the University of Texas at Austin, powered through the Table Mountain hike with a shift in attitude and perspective. Check out her inspiring blog! We were forewarned about the hike up Table Mountain ahead of time. The staff told us “be prepared for the hardest hike of your life… it’s … Continue Reading »

You might find that studying abroad reveals things about yourself you never knew! Allyson Hoppe, a senior at the University of South Carolina, would probably agree! 1. Morning workouts: During my time so far in Cape Town, I’ve realized how much more energized and ready for the day I am when I do a quick … Continue Reading »

Olivia Gotwald, a senior at the College of Charleston, gives us not just blog but a VLOG (video blog)! Catch a glimpse into the life of LEAD Cape Town student by watching the video linked below! This experience is something that is really hard to describe. I had no idea what I was walking into … Continue Reading »

One of my favorite sayings is “If it makes you nervous, you’re doing it right.” Kelsey LeMon, a junior at the University of Mississippi, did not know a single person attending LEAD Cape Town and was unsure if she made the right decision, but she quickly realized that this experience is exactly what she needed … Continue Reading »

Students in Camps Bay

Emily Edelman, a sophomore at the University of Alabama, is quickly learning the value of breaking personal boundaries and living outside of her comfort zone on LEAD Cape Town! Considering I had no idea what to expect or how to exactly “step out of my comfort zone” – I wanted to go ahead and make … Continue Reading »

All smiles in Cape Town

If you are a student interested in joining us abroad, you might find yourself having similar thoughts to Callie Cole, a junior at the University of Alabama, who never thought studying abroad in South Africa would be a part of her college experience. It was just a typical Wednesday night in Tuscaloosa sitting on my sorority’s … Continue Reading »

Students viewing Table Mountain

Evie Copeland, a junior at Appalachian State University, is our very first LEAD Cape Town blogger! Check out her first impressions of this incredible place! When entering Cape Town, South Africa, for the first time, many culture changes, traditions and observations were seen. This city already had my heart with its breath-taking views, food and … Continue Reading »