Summit of Table Mountain

Jacqueline Brustkern, a junior at the University of Texas at Austin, powered through the Table Mountain hike with a shift in attitude and perspective. Check out her inspiring blog! We were forewarned about the hike up Table Mountain ahead of time. The staff told us “be prepared for the hardest hike of your life… it’s … Continue Reading »

One of my favorite sayings is “If it makes you nervous, you’re doing it right.” Kelsey LeMon, a junior at the University of Mississippi, did not know a single person attending LEAD Cape Town and was unsure if she made the right decision, but she quickly realized that this experience is exactly what she needed … Continue Reading »

Students in Camps Bay

Emily Edelman, a sophomore at the University of Alabama, is quickly learning the value of breaking personal boundaries and living outside of her comfort zone on LEAD Cape Town! Considering I had no idea what to expect or how to exactly “step out of my comfort zone” – I wanted to go ahead and make … Continue Reading »

Taylor makes a new friend in the township

Taylor Wesley, a junior at Auburn University, learned the powerful meaning of “Ubuntu” while hearing the story of the Amy Biehl Foundation. Check out her blog below! I came into this trip not knowing much about it other than the fact that I wanted to go to Cape Town. I have only been here for … Continue Reading »

Student makes a new friend in the township

Ellie Zloty, a junior at the University of Alabama, highlights some great points about the LEAD Cape Town program! My personal favorite is #2–balance abroad is so important to keep your body and mind at their very best! 1. Yes, we actually do learn and do work. We are wrapping up our first week of … Continue Reading »

New friends in Cape Town

Even though our LEAD Cape Town students are only finishing week 1, Katharyn Neil, a junior at Auburn University, is already recognizing the value of living outside of your comfort zone with Go Global. As I was looking out over the ocean from Signal Hill, on my first day of being in Cape Town, I … Continue Reading »

Students at the airport

Anna Lee Price, a junior at the University of Alabama, perfectly describes how most of our students feel when first venturing away from home on a Go Global trip. Check it out below! You’re going to South Africa!!! You are headed to the airport to embark on an adventure of a lifetime without knowing what … Continue Reading »

Students making new friends

Cari Grace Lutkins, a senior at the University of Alabama, committed to connect with her fellow students by being intentional on Cape Town Direct.  Don’t miss this great post! For a long time, I have been searching for the real meaning of “being intentional” with everything that I do. Being intentional in relationships, being intentional … Continue Reading »