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Stay Informed

Here are the Top 3 things you need to be working on to prepare for your summer abroad. 

  1. Passport – make sure your passport is ready for travel
  2. Prepare for your classes
    • Send your transcript to Oglethorpe University (if you haven’t already)
    • LEAD students can choose to have their courses count as one/two of the following disciplines. Talk to your advisor on how you want your two courses listed. See the sample syllabi here.
      • HIS – History
      • POL – Politics
      • SOC – Sociology
      • ULP – Urban Leadership
  3. Book your flight
  • Groupme coming Spring 2024.
    • When you join, post an introduction with your name, school and hometown.  If you’re looking for a flight buddy and/or a roommate, share that as well so you can connect with others looking for the same.
    • Please note: If you have specific questions about your program, please send them to LeadAbroad staff directly at info@LeadAbroad.com.  Program questions posted in GroupMe may get missed by staff members.
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Preparing to Travel

Important dates for LEAD Cape Town:

  • Thursday, May 30: Students depart U.S. for Cape Town
  • Friday, May 31: Students arrive to Cape Town
  • Friday, June 28: Program ends; students depart Cape Town

➡️ Arrival Window: May 31 from 5:00-6:00pm

Group shuttle to the hotel after arrival:

  • All students arriving on flights arriving between 5:00-6:00pm will be on the group shuttle.
  • If you are scheduled to arrive on May 31st before the group lands, you can wait at the airport for the group shuttle or pay for your own transfer to the hotel. LeadAbroad will assist you in arranging this transportation with LeadAbroad’s trusted transportation partner.

Group shuttle to the airport for departure back to U.S.:

  • LeadAbroad will provide a shuttle to the airport for flights departing at 6pm or later.

Recommended Itinerary:

LeadAbroad recommends aligning your flights on the following itinerary. Whether you live near Atlanta and can drive to the airport, or if you need to connect from your hometown airport, we strongly suggest flying on our recommended flight. For more information about how LeadAbroad selects our recommended flights, please click here.

Depart: May 30, 2024 (arrives next day)
Return: June 28, 2024

Atlanta (ATL) on Delta

Travel Date Route Airline & Flight # Departure Time Arrival Time
Depart: May 30 ATL-CPT  DL 210  8:50 PM  5:50pm (May 31)
Return: June 28 CPT-ATL  DL 211  9:30 PM  6:50am (June 29)


➡️ Watch this quick video on tips on how to connect with the recommended flight from your hometown.

➡️ We highly encourage booking a Delta Airline connecting flight (if necessary) and to ensure the flights are all under one reservation (NOT separate tickets). This will reduce the challenges associated with delayed flights, lost luggage and other unforeseen travel issues. 

➡️ LeadAbroad will post all flights prior to departure so students can connect with others on their flight. 


Program Specific Orientation

  • DIRECT Cape Town Orientation I: Coming Spring 2024
  • DIRECT Cape Town Orientation II: Coming Spring 2024
  • Please note: Country-specific policies referenced in orientation may change based on changing government laws, health guidelines, current health environment or LeadAbroad rules designed to keep students safe. It is important to read all of LeadAbroad’s emails thoroughly to stay informed on the most updated policies, procedures and requirements.

**Your orientation is not complete until you submit the Pre-Departure Form & Orientation: Program-Specific Form (available closer to departure) in your portal. Please submit this form to verify you’ve completed all orientations.

Click here to view a sample Cape Town packing list!

Updated packing list coming Spring 2024.

The most important thing to remember when packing for Cape Town is that we will be there in fall and moving into winter. The weather in Cape Town in May and June is very similar to that of weather in the southern U.S. October and November. You have some clear beautiful days and then some cold and rainy ones.

Most apartments have washing machines. If your apartment does not, you can use one of your neighbors or you can send your laundry off which is about $12-$15 for per load.

*PRO TIP: Check out our Instagram and view our Cape Town Highlight to get a better sense of what students typically wear!

In-Country Details

While in Cape Town, you will stay in beachside apartments at the Lagoon Beach Hotel. Each two-bedroom apartment will house 4 students of the same gender. The apartments are well located with plenty of amenities including restaurants, a gym and a spa at the hotel. The apartments are located in Milnerton, just outside of Cape Town. Below is the address and website for your home in Cape Town.

Accommodation set up:

  • 4 twin beds per apartment
  • Kitchen
  • Living space

Lagoon Beach Hotel
1 Lagoon Gate Drive
Milnerton, Cape Town, South Africa 7441

Roommates are emailed to students approximately 2-4 weeks before departure

To request a roommate, please submit the Housing Form (available in January) in your online portal by the posted due date.  Forms submitted after the due date may not be reviewed.  Once roommates are posted, we cannot make any changes.  If you’ve already submitted your roommate form but wish to make a change to your request before the form due date, please email info@LeadAbroad.com ASAP.

Click here for a sample LEAD Cape Town Session  itinerary

Official Itineraries coming Spring 2024.

Please note: this itinerary is subject to change at any point before or during the program. Closer to departure, we will send you instructions on downloading the Trip Plans app so you have real-time access to the schedule.